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Travelera Partners was conceived while drinking a cup of early morning coffee on the bow of a sailboat off the coast of Croatia.  I am passionate about the benefits of travel, and love advising clients on their next fantastic vacation.  

Welcome To Travelera Partners

My History

After a childhood spent in metropolitan New York and New Jersey, my father was transferred to a small town in South Georgia. In hindsight this was my very first experience with a completely different culture! I loved my adopted hometown of Statesboro, Georgia, and ultimately attended Georgia Southern University in Statesboro.

After a semester living in Paris, I graduated from college and moved to Atlanta where I met my husband Sam. It’s somewhat ironic in retrospect, but my first job out of college was in the corporate travel business in Atlanta before gravitating into commercial real estate. We raised our two sons, Charlie and Connor, in Atlanta, on the beach in Seagrove Beach, Florida and on a horse farm near Athens, Georgia. With our incredibly busy careers we always used travel to reconnect as a family …. whether it was frequent trips to the beach, an extended family trip to Tuscany or Ireland, skiing in New Hampshire or a safari in Kenya.

Where I've Been

  • 31 countries and counting 

  • 6 continents (Antarctica 2024 here I come!)

  • 4 months living in Paris 

  • Extended multi-week trips to Italy, France, Kazakhstan, Bhutan

  • Hiking trips to Bhutan, Italy Amalfi Coast, British Columbia

  • Sailing charters in the Adriatic Sea, US and British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Leeward Islands

  • Horseback riding safaris in Kenya 

  • Boar hunting in France

Some Of My
Favorite Memories

  • Many leisurely dinners with family and friends in Tuscan villas, Italy 

  • Riding thru herds of zebra in the Lewa Conservancy on a wonderful chestnut mare, Kenya

  • Watching the sun set while perched on a dune in the Sahara, Morocco

  • Hiking to Paro Takstang, the Tigers Nest Monastery, Bhutan   

  • The first glimpse of the azure waters and verdant mountains of Moorea, French Polynesia 

  • Traveling by helicopter over giraffes, zebra, crocodiles, flocks of flamingos thru the Great Rift Valley to Lake Turkana, Kenya

  • Keeping teenagers off their screens with a  sea plane and train journey, Seattle/Vancouver/ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  

  • A private stay in a historic Loire Valley Chateau with family and friends, France   

  • The amazing views while hiking the Amalfi Coast, Italy  

  • A unique and stunning flight over the Sydney Harbor Opera House via sea plane on a journey up the coast, Australia   

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